Leadership Team


Danyell Taylor Miller

VP of Product and Engineering

"At TCS, we are engineering solutions that bring together climate science and modern technology to give our customers the insights needed to chart a better future for our world."


James McMahon


"My personal mission is the same as TCS's: to embed climate data into every decision on Earth in order to speed the transition to a low-carbon economy."


Joseph Lake


"Our world-class team applies their expertise in science, finance and risk to tackle climate change, the biggest challenge facing the planet."


Lauren Rosenfeld

VP of People & Social Responsibility

"The lenses of equity and inclusion are essential to understanding and addressing climate change. We can't move the needle on climate doing business as usual."


Dr. Terence Thompson

Chief Science Officer

"With decades of experience in environmental risk management, my personal mission at TCS is to ensure the scientific integrity of our technology in terms of climate hazards, vulnerabilities, and quantification of climate and environmental risk."


Dr. Therese Feng

VP of Research

"I seek to integrate my background in environmental economics and finance to enable TCS’ goal of being the best climate risk analytics firm in the world."


Tory Grieves

VP of Analytics

"Pricing climate risk is fundamental to shifting the global economy toward long-term financial sustainability, social justice, and environmental health."



Allie Thompson

Project Lead

"I facilitate Climanomics onboarding for our customers and support efforts in vulnerable communities that are disproportionately impacted by climate change."


Conrad Batraville

Full Stack Software Developer

"Being dedicated to making an impact on the most important issue of our lifetime drives this talented team in creating solutions that benefit our customers and the world at large."


Danielle Holton

Full Stack Software Developer

"Anything can be achieved with perseverance, including saving our planet from the effects of climate change; at TCS I am proud to be part of the movement to do just that."


Danielle Montagne

Data Scientist

"Corporations and investors hold tremendous power to affect change; with analytics and data visualization, my goal is to help businesses do just that."


Devyn Parks

Business Analyst

"Our team is amazing, as is our culture and commitment to diversity in our work to provide knowledge-driven, inclusive strategies for climate risk analysis."


Ekaterina Khvostova

Executive Administrator

"In working to optimize business operations at TCS, I’m excited to be part of visioning equitable solutions to the most complex challenge our world has ever faced."


Emily Pauline

Climate Risk Analyst

"My goal is to share from my background in meteorology and climatology in approachable, understandable ways to benefit those impacted by climate change."


John Hayes

Senior Software Engineer

"Forward-looking analysis on a large scale is just fun. Getting to build a world class platform that makes this straightforward for others is even better."


Lisa Veliz Waweru

Customer Success Lead

"I work with our customers to unlock climate risk insights by translating the best available science into low carbon, resilient investments for their portfolios."


Mrudula Vegunta

Data Scientist

"Speak with anyone from TCS and you can feel their passion and commitment to our clients and to climate risk solutions; it is a fantastic team."


Dr. Nina Khalili

Senior Scientific Analyst

“Uniting science with the power of computational technology to support climate adaptation at scale and empower all those who work in climate risk, this is my goal.”


Sean Dolan

Full Stack Software Developer

"Knowing the impact of institutional investors, I am proud of this diverse team, creating a product to gain TCS Customers insight to navigate our climate crisis."


Sheila Oviedo

Product Director

"We are facing an existential threat from climate change and I want to help the capital markets mitigate climate risk through the use of advanced technology."


Tamar McMahon

Research Assistant

"There is nothing I find more rewarding than knowing that the work I do helps build a product I believe can change the conversation about climate change in the business world."

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