Winemakers All Over The World Are Gearing Up For Warmer Temperatures, According to Wine Enthusiast

Posted on 1/20/20 4:12 PM

The Climate Service was recently mentioned in Wine Enthusiast's article, "Winemakers are Using Cutting-Edge Data and Centuries-Old Wisdom to Combat Climate Change".

A fascinating lens through which to view climate change, this article explains the different ways in which rising temperatures are impacting the wine industry. Winemakers face several challenges, including their regions' temperature requirements for different wine grape strains, and changes in precipitation patterns, all while adhering to regional wine regulations.

"Temperature and precipitation are among the most important measurements climate-conscious winemakers can make", James McMahon told Wine Enthusiast. The article goes on to highlight a recent study done by The Climate Service:

"The focus of one Climate Service study was days in Napa above 86°F. In the 1980s, the average was 13 days per year. McMahon’s model predicts that, if conditions remain constant, that number would increase to 65 days per year by the 2040s."

Today's vineyards are facing a vast amount of extreme weather changes, including heat, precipitation, and solar radiation, and this crop-based industry is one among hundreds, if not thousands, that will be impacted drastically by rising temperatures across the globe.

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