Webinar: Climate Risk Analysis in Real Assets

Posted on 6/23/20 4:51 PM

Discussions for mandatory climate disclosure are taking momentum. IMF’s latest report recommends developing global mandatory disclosures on material climate change risks as “an important step to sustain financial stability”. In the US, financial regulators are also facing increasing pressure from investors.

However, despite the celebrated climate reporting framework, TCFD has attracted more than 1000 organisations, a degree of implementation differs greatly depending on the sectors and asset classes. Real assets investment, particularly, is still on a hunt for the best practices of assessing the climate-related risk exposure.

This webinar will explore a case of climate-related risk analysis in real assets, asking questions:
- What metrics can be used to assess exposure to different climate-related risks?
- How could probability and severity of the physical risk be determined?
- What are the implications of mitigation and transition activities upon projecting physical risks?
- How to determine material threats?

Tune in and join the discussion through Q&A.

Joseph Lake, COO, The Climate Service
Abigail Dean, Head of Sustainability, Nuveen Real Estate
Greg Lowe, Global Head of Resilience and Sustainability, Aon

Sae Imamura, Events Leader, Responsible Investor

Topics: Insights

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