USA Today Covers "Climate City": Asheville, the Birthplace of TCS

Posted on 12/26/18 2:57 PM

At the close of 2018, TCS's CEO, James McMahon was interviewed for a feature about "Climate City" in USA Today. James (who also served as the CEO of The Collider, A Global Innovation Center for Climate Entrepreneurs based in Asheville) had this to say about Asheville's special relationship to the world of climatology: "In Asheville, you go get a cup of coffee and never know when you'll get into a deep conversation about the latest from the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] or whose coverage of the climate report is better."


In the USA Today feature, James had this to say about the Collider: "[At the Collider] we have exciting, deep conversations about [the arcane and subtle details of climate data analysis]. That's why it's called The Collider. It's an environment for people to physically run into each other."


Reading this article, there is no doubt as to why Asheville was the inspiration for and birthplace of The Climate Service.

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