In the Climanomics® platform, the best available peer-reviewed climate model projections are merged with customer asset data and then processed with econometric impact/hazard functions to model vulnerabilities. From there, the platform delivers simple charts, graphs, narrative, and data feeds that provide insights into the location, severity, and timing of climate-related risks (both physical and transition) as well as information on opportunities.

Our methodology is built on principles similar to catastrophe risk models but is driven by climate model and socioeconomic model data. Inputs include terabytes of climate and socioeconomic data on hazards from public (including IPCC, NASA, NOAA), academic and commercial sources, and proprietary TCS models. The rapidly growing TCS library of impact functions, modeling the vulnerability of individual assets to individual climate-related risks, is a key differentiator. Inputs are updated frequently as new sources become available or desirable

The Climanomics® platform is built for rapid and flexible extensibility. Clients can use APIs to interconnect with the analytics and build extensions into their business intelligence systems. The system can extend to reflect the rapid evolution of science and functionality requests, and is hosted on secure, scalable, enterprise-grade IBM Cloud infrastructure.

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