Companies worldwide are seeking accurate, agile, and comprehensive ways to evaluate and report their climate risk. TCS supports corporations with strategic planning, enterprise risk management, and robust reporting around climate risks. We work with the leading Fortune 500 companies across all industries, including airlines, food & beverage, energy, and technology.

Strategic planning: Companies use the Climanomics® platform to incorporate climate risk in their long-term strategic planning, answering questions such as where to locate future operations, planning for transport disruptions, and operations analysis under various climate scenarios.

Enterprise risk management: We help companies to answer fundamental questions about the management and mitigation of climate risk. We screen properties and facilities to determine where operations are most vulnerable, and where to invest to improve resiliency.

Robust reporting: As investors and regulators press for more comprehensive climate risk disclosure, we help companies respond. Companies rely on the Climanomics® platform to provide the granular, asset-level, detail required for the robust and rigorous approach to strategic planning and scenario analysis that investors and regulators expect.

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