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James McMahon interviewed by The Resilience Journal

“A CEO has lots to think about, and climate change is not on their forefront. Until it is.”

In this November 2018 interview James speaks to the Editor & Publisher of The Resilience Journal, Alex Díaz Eco, about the importance for leaders and industry to put climate risk on their radar.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Corporations, {McMahon] posits, have been approaching adaptation in ways that fail to scale. “We’re throwing consultants at every single problem, and there aren’t enough experts to go around. This is why we built a software tool to do it. We have to use the power of technology to dramatically increase the speed and reduce the costs with which we can screen our assets. [Our] goal is to refine this technology to where eventually it can become accessible to the developing world [and companies that are] not able to hire an expensive consultant.”

Once you quantify these risks and opportunities, “that [becomes] the universal language that everybody speaks. The conversation shifts, and that mainstreaming becomes much easier. It’s no longer an environmental discussion. It’s simply a business decision.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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