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    Are your investments exposed to climate risk? How much? And when?

    These are timely questions.

    Our Climanomics™ climate risk analytics software gives you definitive answers.

    Climanomics™ Portfolio

    Know your investment portfolio risk

    Climanomics™ Portfolio analyzes the risk in your investment portfolio. Tell us what listed equities your company holds. We crunch the numbers and give each holding an “apples to apples” score that enables you to re-balance your portfolio, hedge unacceptable risks, and find returns others can’t see.

    Climanomics™ Real Estate

    Know your real estate portfolio risk

    Climanomics™ Real Estate analyzes the risk in a portfolio of real estate investments. Tell us what real estate your company holds. We analyze the physical and transition risks on each property, enabling you to inform due diligence, manage your portfolio, and find risk-adjusted returns.



    Know your corporate risk

    Climanomics™ Sustainability analyzes corporate risks. Tell us about your business: locations, asset values, key business functions, key supply chains. We crunch terabytes of climate and socioeconomic data to give you insights into exactly what’s driving your company’s risks and opportunities.


    Expert consultation for detailed deep dives

    If you're ready to dive more deeply into the reports generated by the Climanomics™ system, The Climate Service is able to provide you with expert consultation services. If you require a deeper analysis to consider highly specific, qualitative, or customized risks factors, our experts can provide you with bespoke work to give you the best possible insights, tailored to suit your company's needs.

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