• The Climanomics™ Analytics System from TCS

    Know the What? Where? When? and How much?

    of your climate risk.


    Climate change has altered the global economy, and yet its impacts are unpriced in the market. TCS offers you insights into your climate risks and opportunities through our Climanomics™ analytics system.


    Climanomics™ is the world's only cloud-based analytics platform that provides investors and corporations with top-down and bottom-up analyses of the financial impacts of climate change on your assets.


    With the Climanomics™ analytics system, you can finally quantify your climate risk, allowing you to integrate climate risk into your business processes.


    The Climanomics™ Analytics system is a subscription-based, user-friendly,

    cloud-based software service that gives you:


    • Impacts in financial terms
    • Point & click scenario analysis
    • Asset-level to portfolio-level insights
    • Physical risks, transition risks, and opportunities
    • Multi-hazard, multi-scenario, multi-time period, bottom-up financial impacts of climate for any asset anywhere on the globe

    Our Unique Approach to Measuring Climate Risk

    In order to provide you with the most up-to-date analysis of your climate risk in financial terms, our system uses scientific and econometric methods to model:


    • Hazard: Terabytes of physical climate data from an ensemble of CMIP-5 models and other peer-reviewed academic and governmental sources. All analyses start from asset-level data.
    • Vulnerability: Proprietary econometric models that relate hazard intensity to economic impact.
    • Value-at-Risk: Expected Value at Risk (both revenue/expense and balance sheet impacts) calculated at the asset level and aggregated to company level.


    Product Architecture

    Climate risk is hard. Climanomics™ is easy.


    We integrate multiple sources of esoteric and opaque data. We put it on coherent spatial and temporal grids so that we can statistically process it. We then feed the statistical data into proprietary highly specific econometric models to generate decision-relevant financial impact estimates.


    The results are presented to you in an easy-to-use web-based analytics tool that enables you to explore your risks and opportunities in limitless ways. Select different scenarios to compare best and worst cases. Drill down by geography, by sector, by portfolio, by hazard so you really understand the drivers of risk.

    TCS provides its customers with the only SaaS solution that puts a price on climate risk.

    From the asset level up to the portfolio level, we've cracked the code on how to calculate financial impact using proprietary data sets and econometric models.

    Find out how the Climanomics™ Analytics System

    can work for you.

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